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South West Trains: 2011 Pay Award

22 December 2011

The 2011 pay discussions took place during the autumn over a series of meetings held with South West Trains. TSSA have now agreed a revised offer of an increase of 4.75% in salary as set out below.

South West Trains originally offered a one year deal of a 3% increase, which the TSSA emphasised, was totally unacceptable. South West Trains stated that they would only consider offering one year and again raised there offer to 4%, again the TSSA rejected that offer and there was a movement to an offer of 4.25%. The TSSA emphasised that the amount of 4.25% was under the aspirations of our members and did not match pay increase awarded to other TOC’s of a similar size and geographical location. During the negotiations TSSA emphasised that our members were struggling with high inflationary living costs. South West Trains made a final offer.

South West Trains put forward the following revised offer:


  • 3rd October An increase of 4.75% in salary.


  • That the offer was raised to 4.75% in recognition of that normal arrangements will apply on SWT and that the standard agreed terms/conditions in respect of payment, rostering etc will apply for all hours worked during both the Olympics and Paralympics. This is because SWT emphasised that the Olympics would have a low impact in terms of the minimum additional services specified during this period and it is seen as "business as usual".

Following discussions with our Company Council reps it is considered that this offer is acceptable and I have informed the employer as such. This offer matches other pay wards within the industry and gives all employees a reward for working during the Olympic and Paralympic period. The TSSA has accepted the offer on two grounds, firstly we expect there to be an increase in Regional Allowances at next year’s negotiations and that if the Olympic period is not "business as usual" then we have the right to re-enter discussions.



After discussions with South West Trains about the deficit in the pension scheme we have limited the pension contribution increases to a 0.4%, raising it to 10.96%.



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