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South West Trains Holiday Pay

24 August 2016

Your TSSA representatives have had a number of meetings with South West Trains on the application of Holiday Pay to South West Trains employees.


This followed recent case law where it was held that holiday pay should represent normal pay during the first twenty days of an employee’s annual leave.

The elements of pay not previously included within holiday pay included all overtime elements, rest day working elements, enhanced basis pay elements and other work related allowances.

The case law now requires that an average should be taken over a 13 week period prior to the date on the annual leave is taken, hence our discussions. South West Trains have stated that employees will receive an average weekly pay of the previous rolling 13 pay periods to the qualifying annual leave. This replaces the current Annual Leave Premium (ALP), and those members who qualify for Holiday Pay should receive a higher amount over a year than ALP.

The offer will be implemented from the 1st January 2015 with appropriate back pay, which will be paid later in the year.

TSSA, with the support of our representatives have accepted this proposal.

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