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South Western Railway 2018 Pay Settlement - UPDATE

22 July 2019

Following Full Company Council on 11th July, your TSSA Company Council and Full Time Officer met with the relevant management regarding the 2018 pay settlement, along with the same from RMT and Unite.

As you are aware, the pay offer was accepted by TSSA and Unite some months ago but negotiations continued because the RMT wanted an improved offer!

At this meeting the unions and company agreed a position that means the offered 3.5% increase to basic pay plus 3.5% increase on regional allowances will be honoured and back pay owing to you will be included in your wages on 9th August.

We have agreed with SWR that we will still seek to achieve further enhancements between now and the next pay anniversary, which will of course attract back pay where appropriate.

In September a new system, Chrysalis, will be implemented. This means that any pay awards need to be agreed and calculated for back pay by the 9th August or they will be held until January 2020. We are unwilling to allow a real-terms pay cut for any longer, given these time frames.

This is a one-year deal, meaning the next pay anniversary is October 2019. We are looking to conclude any remaining matters for 2018 as soon as possible in order that we can start negotiations for this year.

If you are already a member of the TSSA, please let us know should you be interested in becoming more involved in our union, which is powered by the members. If you are not yet a member, now is a very good time to join!

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