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Southeastern: 2012 ASG Pay Award

22 December 2011

TSSA met Southern recently to discuss the 2012 pay review for ASG grades. We emphasised the fact that these employees had received a lower percentage increase than frontline employees in 2011. Furthermore, we also drew Southeastern’s attention to the important work carried out by ASG’s that was crucial to the smooth and efficient operation of the company.

Southeastern made their ‘final offer’ – a pot of 5.0% and this reflects the pay awards to other Southeastern employees received. The 5.0% pot will be allocated as per the performance rating for 2010/11. On this basis, the increase for individuals may vary from 0% to 5.25%, depending on the score attained. A high percentage of ASG grades will receive between a 4.75% and a 5.25% increase.

In principle, TSSA opposes performance-related pay, but this system was already in place before we regained collective bargaining for ASG grades. TSSA has, therefore, accepted the company’s ‘final offer’ – a pot of 5.0%. We have advised Southeastern accordingly, with an aim to see this award applied from the 1st January 2012.

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