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Southeastern 2013 Pay offer

18 June 2013

The TSSA have met with Southeastern in regard to the 2013 pay award.


In the first meeting we put forward our claim for the following:

· A substantial Increase to salaries.

· An increase in Regional Allowances.

· An improvement in family friendly policies and provisions.

· An improvement in Annual Leave.

Southeastern took our submission away and said they would consider it. During that meeting Southeastern informed us that they were under the influence of the Department of Transport on what they can offer, because of their current franchise status.

At the second meeting the company said they could make a better offer linked to productivity as a part of the agreement. TSSA stated we were looking a increase in line with the February RPI rate and would not accept a lesser amount.

We have now received a final two year offer from Southeastern as follows:

· 3.2% Increase in salaries and Regional Allowances from the 7th April 2013

· February RPI or 2.5% whichever is the greater increase in salaries and Regional Allowances from the 6th April 2014.

· Compensatory Rest Days. No change except from mid-October, Southeastern reserve the right to roster any outstanding compensatory rest days up until February of the following year.

· Bank Holiday Working. Staff rostered for duty will work the shift commitments and hours of duty agreed by the local staff representatives.

TSSA believe that this offer is acceptable and believe that a two year deal is a benefit to our members. TSSA and our representatives intend to accept this offer but would welcome your view before we do that. Therefore please contact TSSA at before the 25th June 2013.

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