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Southeastern: 2016 Pay Agreement for Admin Support Grades

11 January 2016

Your Union reps have concluded discussions on the pay award for the Admin Support Grades.

Our key negotiating points were to ensure that our members are protected from the increasing costs of living, to keep in line with the rest of the industry and to recognise the positive company performance through a particularly testing period.

The company submitted a final offer of a pot of 2.0% (equivalent to RPI + 0.9% based on the established November 2015 figure which is used to apply the following year cost of living increase) They indicated that this was in line with industry pay awards, was significantly above current published RPI figures and is in line with recent awards applied to other grades of staff.

This will equate to the following increase in pay dependent on Performance Rating:


Percentage Pay Increase

Approximate % of employees














Whilst we appreciate that the above is less than in recent years, mainly due to the lower rate of inflation, we do believe that this is the best we can achieve through negotiation and will be advising the company of our acceptance of this offer in order for them to apply the relevant increase in pay for the 29th January 2016.

In addition to the above we have requested further discussions on pay equality within the ASG Grade as well as issues relating to the inconsistencies in PDR meetings and the standard of support offered to ASG Staff.

We are informed that that there is a review of the current PDR process and your reps will further be discussing this with the company in January. One of the key elements of this discussion will be our concern as to a consistent approach as to how line managers develop people, how they apply the scoring process fairly and addressing particular areas where support and PDR meetings are not taking place.

We will advise in due course of the outcome of these discussions.

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