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Southeastern Stations, Conductors, Engineering, Unrestructured and Revenue Protection Staff

25 August 2011

The TSSA and RMT have accepted the following offer from Southeastern. This was after consultation with the TSSA Company Council and discussions at branches.


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The offer is a 2 year agreement with the following pay increases:

2011 – Salaries and regional allowances to be increased by 5% with effect from 3rd April 2011.

2012 – Salaries and regional allowances will be increased from 1st April 2012 by a percentage equivalent to the February 2012 RPI + 0.5% (the 0.5% is to reflect a payment to all employees for a successful Olympics) or 3.65% whichever is the greater.

Olympic Arrangements Summary

A flat daily premium payment of £28 (Olympic Games Payment i.e. OGP) per day which is payable for shifts worked during Olympic games events between 27th July 2012 until 12th August 2012 and for the Paralympics events between 29th August 2012 to 9th September 2012). Payment is subject to relevant qualifying conditions.

Allowance paid to ALL employees working a rest/free day or extra Sunday* working.

Allowance payable only to staff undertaking additional responsibilities where the workload or cover requirements have resulted in a working pattern alteration beyond that which they can ordinarily be asked to undertake within existing terms and conditions. As working arrangements for Conductors and Revenue grades are distinctively different to that of others covered under this pay bargaining agreement a separate payment criteria was agreed for these groups.

Payment criteria for Station, Unrestructured and Engineering Grades

Allowance paid to ALL employees working a rest/free day or extra Sunday* working.

Alteration to an employee’s full rostered shift as shown on the standard master roster.

Employee covering a full shift at an alternative location (e.g. instead of working at their normal home station - this does not apply to relief employees covering a location as part of their standard working week, unless they are working outside of their recognised geographical area).

Payable only on days when altered working arrangements are increased.

Payment criteria for Conductors and Revenue Grades

£28 allowance paid to ALL employees working a rest/free day or extra Sunday* working.

Any Conductor or Revenue¹ grade whose booking on time moves more than two hours, has his/her turn extended by more than two hours or has a change made to his/her free day pattern (other than receiving additional free days) compared to the original master roster will receive a flexibility payment of £100.00 for each week affected.

¹ Revenue grades do not have a master roster with static on/off times. A reference roster will be agreed by end of April 2012. Any variation to this roster will be used for the above payment criteria.

All payments will be in addition to any existing contractual arrangements

*Any Sunday forming part of an employee’s normal contractual working obligation will not attract this payment.

Queens Jubilee 2012

All staff that are rostered to work on this day will receive a standard days pay. Staff will be credited with an additional leave day in lieu of working. This must be taken prior to the end of the leave year.

All other staff not required to work will be booked off duty and will receive a basic days pay.

Other matters

Meaningful discussions took place in regards improvements to staff travel. As a result the company has already removed the majority of restrictions originally placed on staff using High Speed services.

In terms of improvements to retired staff travel arrangements, the company are willing, upon confirmation of acceptance of the deal, to provide the following concession:

Retention of travel facilities on Southeastern services (for leisure use only) for staff taking retirement (effective from April 2011). This will apply until 30 November 2012. Upon successful service delivery of Olympic services this arrangement will be extended until the end of the franchise. The principles regarding application and process will be agreed and formulated upon acceptance but will broadly be in line with that of eligibility for a retirement award.

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