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Southeastern: TUPE transfer Catford Loop Stations to Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR)

10 November 2014

TSSA was recently informed by Southeastern of the transfer of Catford Loop stations to Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).


Part of the transfer process requires consultation to take place with representatives of the employees – the trade unions. A meeting occurred with joint representation of Southeastern and GTR. A number of assurances were sought from GTR following the transfer which possibly will take place at 02.00 hours on the 21 December 2014. Set out below are the responses from the employer to various issues raised:

· Employees will retain their existing terms and conditions.

· Collective bargaining representation will be retained by the trade unions on behalf of employees. There will be a discussion with the GTR Company Council on agreeing local representation.

· GTR will be looking to harmonise policies and procedures, they will respond at the next meeting regarding the post-transfer continuation of Southeastern Policies and Procedures.

· Transferring employees will be transferred into the GTR Pension Scheme (RPS) and will be able to transfer past service if they decide to into the GTR (RPS), following receiving correspondence from RPS and taking independent financial advice.

· BR protected employees transferring will retain their travel facilities, and non-protected employees with ATOC travel facilities will retain them. There will be no change to Govia Train Operating Company Services travel passes. All employees transferring into GTR will get a privilege Pay As You Go Oyster Card which is available until July 2015. Those holding a GTR travel pass will get residential travel on East Coast between Kings Cross and Newark. They will also get free leisure travel on a Saturday and Sunday only for themselves, spouses, partners and dependants until July 2015.

· For those currently on four weekly pay the new employer does not have the same four weekly pay cycles, as a result it is one week out. The TSSA have requested that GTR offer a bridging loan to employees to help them adjust to the change in the four week cycle, GTR are considering this and will respond to us accordingly. The annual pay award anniversary date is the same for Southeastern and GTR.

· A new GTR, non-branded uniform will be issued, and transferring stations will retain the same ticket machines and the current retail support.

· Twenty positions will transfer, with the station staff coming under the Route manager Thameslink with the exception of the gateline position at Denmark Hill, whom will come under Revenue Manager Thameslink South.

· GTR stated the transfer has been safety validated.

GTR will meet transferring employees on a one-to-one basis before the date of transfer. Any members with any further questions should not hesitate to contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives on this matter. TSSA will also inform you if further consultation meetings take place and outstanding issues from this consultation.

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