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Southern 2015 Pay Offer

15 June 2015

TSSA have now had two meetings with Southern to discuss the 2015 pay award.


At the first meeting we put forward our claim for the following:

· A substantial Increase to salaries.

· An increase in Regional Allowances.

· An improvement in family friendly policies and provisions.

· An improvement in Annual Leave.

· Reduction in the working week

· Elimination of non-pensionable pay

Southern said they would take our submission away to consider. However, they indicated that they are currently restricted by being in shadow franchise and that all pay awards have to be cleared and agreed by the Department for Transport.

At our second meeting, Southern stated that the Department of Transport had restricted Southern to making an offer of either February Retail Price Index (RPI) of 1.0% or AWE of 1.9%. TSSA argued strongly that this situation was not of our members’ making.

The result was that Southern made the following offer:

· 1.9% Increase in salaries

TSSA rejected this offer and we plan to meet Southern again in early July for further discussions. We will, of course keep you advised of developments.

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