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Southern: Announcements of Redundancies at Croydon HQ buildings

22 November 2012

Southern have announced that there is potential for 30 people to be made redundant in the locations of Carolyn House, Go-Ahead House and Knolly’s House.

At present the TSSA does not have any specific detail on where all of the proposed reorganisations are to take place. The fact that the proposed redundancies in those Croydon locations is over 20 people does mean that there has to be a 30 day consultation period. We will be using this consultation to seek to reduce the number of proposed redundancies and to seek to ensure that any that do occur arisen from genuinely voluntary severance.

The information we have is that it is 19 management grades, 4 band D grades and 7 from the Control in Carolyn House. Currently the TSSA is in the middle of discussions on the Control reorganisation, but in regard to any other reorganisations we have as yet not received any details or invitation to consultation. The TSSA will expect to be at these consultations and emphasise that TSSA members are entitled to representation at redundancy consultation meetings and should request such.

Southern have stated that this is a result of lost revenue and no doubt a reduction in profit targets. It is the view if the TSSA that this is not the fault of the employees in these targeted area. The Band’s B, C and D grades saw a reduction in its numbers in 2010 and at that time we believe the workforce was already reduced to the bone. We do not believe that these job cuts are based on the work disappearing but are intended solely to reduce the cost base of Southern. The result will be individuals losing their jobs and those remaining having to take up the work of the posts that are cut.

We will be requesting a meeting with Southern to discuss the proposed reorganisations and attendance at the consultation meetings.

This is a very serious situation and unfortunately there may also be redundancies in other locations. Where there is less that 20 people at threat of redundancy the company do not have to inform the TSSA in the same way.

This is no time not to be am member of a trade union and I would invite you to seriously consider joining the trade union. We are against these job cuts, but if the worst does happen, we will be able to advise you of your rights and represent you in these difficult times.

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