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Southern Band D Grades Pay 2013

21 March 2013

The TSSA and Southern have concluded discussions on the pay award for 2013 for the Band D grades.


During the discussions the TSSA drew attention to Southern that the Band D grades were an essential part of the company. It is your work that enables the frontline employees to provide a service to the public on behalf of Southern. We also drew to their attention the fact that past pay awards have not reflected your contribution to the business. The TSSA also asked for there to be a joint equal pay review of the Band D grades.

The offer

The company submitted a final offer of a pot of 3.0% (equivalent to RPI in November 2012) which depending on your Performance Development Review could range from 4.2% to 0.0% with the average increase of 2.8% for those who were seen to be a “good performer”.

Southern have also agreed to participate in a review of equal pay of Band D Grades and I will inform you of the progress of that review during 2103, but if you are interested in helping us gather information as part of the review, please contact me:

The TSSA have accepted the offer on behalf of our members as we believe in the current economic climate this offer, which is equivalent to RPI, has reached the aspirations of our members.

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