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Southern Control Reorganisation

28 June 2013

TSSA and representatives from the Control recently met with Southern to review the reorganisation implemented in March 2013, discuss the move to the ROC at Three Bridges, Control Band D salaries and the transfer of the Gatwick Airport control to the Head of Control from the Retail Organisation.



It was the general consensus of both management and Control employees that the new TSA role was working well. It is the view of the front line staff at Southern that they were receiving better information flow since the reorganisation. There was a view that it would work even better after the move to the ROC at Three Bridges where the seating arrangements will allow the control staff to work in PODS as designed by the reorganisation in March. Southern believe what is being delivered by the Control is good and would encourage the staff to develop the TSA role. TSSA stated that we still had concerns over the staffing levels of the CCTV/CIS operators as we believe at times of disruption they can be working on their own. Management are still of the view that the Profiling Section can help on CCTV and also they were currently discussing with BTP the amount of requests on the Profiling Section from them.

Three Bridges ROC

Southern were clear that the move will take place on 14th September and will have everything in place for move to be on that date. TSSA reminded Southern that we will be seeking a further discussion on this covering such matters as rosters, walking route etc.


TSSA raised the issue of salary levels within the Band D grades in Control management. It was agreed to review the situation in six months but the company emphasised they did not want to build expectations of increases in salaries.

Gatwick Airport Control transfer

Management confirmed that the transfer took place on the 23rd June. In regard to the vacancy there, the salary from that position had been used to retain an employee in the Croydon Control and saved a redundancy in March. The transfer date for Victoria Station Control is as yet unknown.

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