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Southern: Control Section Reorganisation and proposed move to Three Bridges

28 September 2012

Southern have held an informal briefing/consultation with employees on the proposed move of the new Regional Operation Centre to Three Bridges in the spring of 2013. The company have also decided that they want to reorganise the Control Section before this move takes place with a view to implementation in January of 2013.

TSSA have made it clear to the company that there needed to be to be two separate consultations. One to deal with the move to Three Bridges and a second to deal with the reorganisation. We have advised the company that representatives of the relevant employees will need to be seconded onto the consultation body so that the three sectors of the Band D grades (CCTV, CIS and Operations) are properly represented as well seconded representatives from the Band B & C grades staff.

Move to Three Bridges

TSSA have pressed the company for consultative meeting(s) on this to take place first. This approach will enable employees affected by the reorganisation to make informed decisions on their future based on the terms of transferring from Croydon to Three Bridges. Fleet Control will be included in this meeting(s).

Control Reorganisation

Southern gave an outlined view of this reorganisation. However, a formal consultation paper will be issued around 15th October 2012. Control employees have already raised questions directly with the company, but TSSA will also raise these issues again as part of the formal consultation process. It is essential that you nominate seconded representatives without delay and propose I meet them on 17th and 19th October to go through the issues before the first meeting with the company due on the 25th October. I will be contacting you in the near future regarding who the seconded representatives are.

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