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Southern - Customer Service Managers

7 June 2011

Circular to Southern members and branches re Customer Service Managers

TSSA met Southern over a series of meetings to discuss their proposed introduction of the new role of Customer Experience Manager. The result is that this role will replace some of the existing Supervisor and Team Leader positions, but not all within the retail organisation.

Southern believe that this role will enhance their engagement with employees and that there will be a ratio of 1 to 40 from Customer Experience Managers and Station Group Managers to employees. The result will be three one-to-one discussions per year between managers and front line employees.

Initially at the beginning of the consultation there was to be a trial of this role but they could not provide us with number of displacements etc. The TSSA stated that it was unfair to introduce something on a trial basis and our members needed to have the security of an established position, and that specific numbers were needed on the proposals.

As part of the discussion the TSSA informed the company that there should be no compulsory redundancies, no downgrading, the new roles to remain in Collective Bargaining, and those displaced and working out of grade to have pay increases for two years before a pay freeze starts.

TSSA was advised by the company that as a result of these proposals, 56 positions would be withdrawn and 48 Customer Experience Managers introduced.
The Company Council representatives visited locations between consultation meetings and raised numerous questions on behalf of our members. They will also attend and assist at all local consultation meetings in regard to establishment numbers and rosters.

At the final Principles meeting it was agreed that those applying for the new positions would receive help and practice for assessments. The jobs would also be advertised on a closed list first. Those displaced 1C staff will keep their salaries, displaced 2B and 2C will have two pay increases before a pay freeze. The new salary for the CEM role would be £29,000 which was a great improvement on the original proposal and is more likely to encourage existing Team Leaders and Supervisors to apply for positions.

Any member finding themselves in difficulty as a result of this proposal should not hesitate to contact the TSSA Company Councillors or the TSSA Helpdesk on 0800 3282673.

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