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Southern Deployment of Rail Neighbourhodd Officers at Brighton Station

11 July 2013

TSSA and representatives of the Revenue Company Council met with Southern to consult upon the deployment of RNO’s on night shifts at Brighton Station.


Southern stated that this was result of the RNO’s themselves stating that they did not believe that they were being utilised effectively on the night shift. However they were conscious of their commitment in 2010 for RNO presence on the late night West Coastway services and their 2012 commitment to 24 hour coverage by RNO’s at Brighton Station.

The trial will be for a three month period, during the trial Southern will acquiring data from along the coastway and up the mainline. The RNO and stations team will maintain their current responsibilities for security searches at Brighton station but there are some possibilities of how it may be done through the trail, for example:

1x STM (Security Employee) and 1 x RNO carrying out search activities during the night.

1x STM and 1 x RNO carrying out search activities during the day.

1 x STM carrying out search activities.

1 x RNO carrying out search activities during the night.

1 x RNO carrying out search activities during the day and 1 x RNO carrying out train rides and station visits.

Train rides and station visits across the West Coastway and mainline stations and services at varied times of the day.

Two extra RNO’s to be employed during the trail.

TSSA whist welcoming the trail of two extra RNO’s stated they had concerns on loan working and any watering down of a presence of a RNO at Brighton station. The RNO’s would work where there is a conductor and station staff, they would not be expected to put themselves in danger. There will be volunteers only on working alone and Southern agreed to a Risk Assessment on this, and the TSSA Rep will be included in the Risk Assessment.

A review of this trail will take place Personal Security Group meetings.

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