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Southern Introduction of SWIPE Cards

11 July 2013

TSSA and representatives of the Fleet Company Council met with Southern to consult upon the introduction of the SWIPE cards at Brighton and Selhurst Depots following the trial at Battersea Stewarts Lane Depot.


Southern believed that the trial at Stewarts Lane has been a success and whilst acknowledging that there have been some minor problems believed that it had taken away administrative errors and now reflects a more accurate real time information.

This will therefore be introduced to replace the current clocking on card and timesheets for the following included ‘workshop grades’, Shunters/Shunter Drivers, Panel Operators/Supervisors, all Fleet Service Quality grade TC1, TC2, and TC3 and all managers for the above groups. It will be a future requirement for those that work in Chief Engineers Team, Fleet Infrastructure Team, Fleet Control and this will be consulted locally.

TSSA raised the concerns of our Panel Supervisors but Southern were adamant that it would apply to them alsi. They did confirm that the system can be over-ridden to take into account local agreements and custom and practice. This can be done by Team Leaders (not TC3’s), Management and Admin as per the trial at Stewarts Lane.

There will be a phased implementation of swipe card readers starting at Streatham Hill FSQ in late July and then Selhurst FSQ, Selhurst Shunters and Inspection Shed, Selhurst Repair Shop, Brighton FSQ, Brighton Engineering, Eastbourne FSQ, Bognor Regis FSQ, Bognor Regis and West Coast Shunters, Littlehampton FSQ through to Littlehampton Shunters in late August.

There will local briefings and local consultations on the implementation and it is expected that the system will be fully operational by September 2013.

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