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Southern Revenue Protection Officers Part Time Trial

21 March 2013

The TSSA met with Southern to discuss the introduction of a trial of 8 part-time Revenue Protection Officers in the Metro Area.


Southern have identified that there is a loss of revenue in the evening peak travelling. The roles will be employed from 16.00 to 20.00 hours Monday to Friday. They will be based at East Croydon. Full training will be given to all that fill the post but they will not work on automated gatelines.

Southern stated that they would look at requests from full-time RPO’s who were interested in a part-time role for the trial period and would hold open their full-time position through the trail period. The jobs would be advertised internally first, and they would also look to other departments going through reorganisations to see if displaced employees were interested in the role. The TSSA stated concerns over an individual’s pension if they went part-time and management agreed to look into this matter.

The TSSA said it would support the trial but wanted guarantees, the following guarantees were given:

· The trial would not see full-time positions removed

· The trial would not be used as assessing the use of part-timers compared to full-timers.

· The eight part-timers will not work on automatic gates.

· The jobs are advertised internally first.

If the trail is successful the TSSA see these roles as enhancing the current Revenue Protection establishment.

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