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Southern Sation Staff Reorganisation

21 March 2013

The TSSA met with Southern to discuss their proposed reorganisation of the station grades.


At that meeting we discussed the principles around the process of consultation and how we deal with the PT&RR (displacement, resettlement etc.) arrangements.

The process is that each Area Manager’s area will have specific proposals for their area. The Area Manager will meet the Company Council and the Local Reps to explain the reasoning behind that proposal, the Company council and the Local Reps will be able to visit locations in the Area Manager’s Area and then there will be a consultation on the proposals. When the reps visit locations you will be able to give them information that may allow a counter proposal to be put to Southern at the consultation.

What has been agreed with the company is that the principles of recent reorganisations will be used in this reorganisation. For example:

Those who are displaced and end up working out of grade will receive two pay rises before their pay is frozen (as per 35 week implementation).

Allocation to workplaces for the displaced will be linked to home (as per first to last reorganisation).

Those displaced from their original workplace will have the first opportunity to return if a vacancy occurs in the future (as per the train despatch and Supervisors reorganisation).

I am aware that some of the proposals have become common knowledge I assure you that each Area Manager’s Area will be dealt with but this will take time and I ask you to be patient until your allocated Area’s time for consultation. No one is displaced until the consultation meetings have occurred and we hope that you can give counter arguments to your Reps to retain positions.

I assure you that the TSSA will support you through this process and anyone seeking assistance should contact myself or the Company Councillor Steve Kent on 07964 118684.

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