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Southern Station Support and Roster Clerk Reorganisation

22 November 2012

TSSA met Southern to consult on their proposed changes to the Support and Roster staff to the Service Delivery station organisation. Southern said because they believed the changes were necessary the current establishment/ organisation had not been changed to reflect the current Area Manager and Station Manager organisations. Southern believed that their reorganisation will bring a more consistent approach to support the organisation and that the proposed organisation mirrors the previous reorganisation.

The proposal creates six support clerks, one per Area Managers. It also creates 6 roster clerks however they were allocated as: Metro x2, Sutton x 0.5, High Weald x 1, Brighton x1.5, East Coast 1x 0.5, West Coast 1x 0.5. Southern stated they had allocated a roster clerk per 200 employees. This results in two additional full time positions.

TSSA put forward some counter proposals. We stated that the proposal was insufficient in some areas such as West Coast and Brighton (Gatwick Airport is the 1x 0.5), and in regard to identification.

Management refused to change their stance on the numbers proposed, but did emphasise that the East Coast and West Coast would be covered by a single full time position not two part time positions.

The date of implementation is 25th November 2012, and reviewed after six months. Unfortunately some employees are displaced as a result of this reorganisation and scheme closed list will be produced to try and resolve the displacement of employees affected by this change.

Any TSSA member who is displaced who needs assistance should not hesitate contacting TSSA if they have a problem by e mailing

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