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Southern Stewarts Lane Reorganisation

28 June 2013

TSSA and representatives from Stewarts Lane recently met with Southern to discuss the proposals in regard to the Stewarts Lane Depot establishment.


Reorganisation of Workshop Staff

In order to match the workload Southern proposed that two ASE2 roles within the exam team are raised to SE1 positions through progressive training. The company believe that this will enable a better allocation of work in a more balanced approach, allowing the exam to be completed in a timely manner and allow further time on closing open defects. The staff needed to fill these roles would undergo progression training which would see three of the current ASE2 role staff increased to SE1 competency. The result is that no one will be displaced. TSSA sought reassurance that no one had been disadvantaged and management confirmed that this was the case.

Materials Department

Southern advised that following the introduction of the 442 stock to Stewarts Labe Depot it was necessary to employ extra employees within the Materials Section. Also with the order of 26 x 5 car 377 trains there will be extra components and materials delivered to Stewarts Lane. The result is a proposal to remove the Band C Materials Controller (currently a vacancy) and introduce 1 x Materials Team Leader, 5 x SE 1 Store persons (an increase of three posts). The work of the controller will be done at Brighton by the Materials Manager.

The implementation date for both reorganisations is the end of June 2013.

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