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Southern TUPE Transfer of Management and Band D Grades to Govia Thameslink Railway

13 March 2015

TSSA, management & admin representatives had a further consultation meeting with joint representation of Southern and GTR in regard to Management and Band D grades.



Set out below are the further responses from the employer to the various issues raised:

· Employees will retain their existing terms and conditions at the time of transfer. Those who are successful in applying for new positions in GTR which come into place after 27th July 2015 will be asked to sign GTR contracts of employment.

· Southern Policies and Procedures will transfer into the new organisation.

· Agreement is still awaited from the Department for Transport in regard to a planned retention of a Southern Section of the railway pension fund.

· Clarity is still required in regard to the proposed changes to work locations, as of yet the new locations are not finalised.

· Further clarification will be sought on travel facilities given by the two TOCs e.g. current allocation of first class travel. In addition, what is the situation of retired staff and current staff who retire retaining retired staff travel facilities.

· The Southern bonus will be paid before the end of the franchise.

· The transfer safety validation is currently still being worked on.

Any members with any further questions should not hesitate to contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives on this matter. I will also inform you of further consultation meetings due to take place.

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