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Southern TUPE transfer to Govia Thameslink Railway

15 June 2015

TSSA have been informed by Southern of the transfer of employees to Govia Thameslink Railway. Part of the transfer process requires consultation to take place with representatives of the employees – the trade union.


A meeting occurred with joint representation of Southern and
Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). A number of assurances were sought from GTR following the transfer which will possibly take place at 01.59 hours on 26th July 2015. Set out below are the responses from the employer to various issues raised:

· Employees will retain their existing terms and conditions.

· Collective bargaining representation will be retained by TSSA on behalf of employees and will transfer to GTR. However, a review of the bargaining procedures will take place sometime in the future.

· GTR informed TSSA of measures (proposed changes after transfer) which included:

Ø The introduction of a graduate training scheme

Ø Literacy & numeracy training scheme

Ø Station staffing review

Ø Expansion of Fleet Control Rail Neighbourhood Officer to be referred to as Rail Enforcement Officers

Ø Further measures are referred to in some of the following bullet points.

· GTR will honour existing policies and procedures following the transfer.

· A Southern section of the Railway Pension Scheme will be retained. All new entrants of the Southern and Gatwick Express brands will be invited to join that section of the RPS. There will, however, be a new name given to this section.

· BR protected employees transferring will retain their travel facilities. Further answers are being sought in regard to the scope of company travel passes and the issue of retired employees who currently receive such passes.

· All employees will retain their current four weekly pay pattern.

· New uniforms will be issued. Mobile phones, lap tops and vehicles will remain in place but E-mail addresses will change.

· In the main, work locations will remain the same but the Occupational Health Centre may change location.

· The Southern Share in Success scheme has been terminated but it is hoped to start a scheme in GTR, which may have different parameters.

· GTR will honour any pay award agreed between Southern and the trade unions prior to the transfer.

· GTR are currently working on the transfer being safety validated and will respond on this matter in due course.

Any members with any further questions should not hesitate to contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives on this matter.

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