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Staff Rep Vacancies (Western)

10 February 2011

Consider becoming a staff rep, a role that can be both rewarding and give an additional interest and dimension to your job.

Local Reps Vacancies

We currently have the following Local Reps seats available:

| Swindon Bands 1-4 | 1 Vacant post |
| Reading Bands 1-4 | 1 Vacant post |
| Plymouth bands 1-4 | 1 Vacant post |
| Bristol Bands 1-4 | 1 Vacant post |
| Shrewsbury Bands 1-4 | 1 Vacant post |

Local reps deal with a variety of issues assisting members in dealing with individual Disciplines & Grievances to raising issues with local management to seek resolution to member’s issues often relating to accommodation, working practices, rosters etc.

Area Council Reps Vacancies

We currently have the following Area Council vacancies:

| Thames Valley Bands 1-4 | 1 vacant post |
| Thames Valley Bands 5-8 | 3 vacant posts |
| West Country Bands 1-4 | 1 vacant post |
| West Country Bands 5-8 | 1 vacant post |

Thames Valley Area Maintenance

TSSA has vacancies for Area Council Reps on the Thames Valley Maintenance Area Council for staff employed in bands 1-4 and 5-8’s. The purpose of the Area Council is to deal with issues within the Area and is a stage above local level discussions although matters may be referred up from that level under the fail to agree arrangements. Amongst the items that often come up at Area Council are reports on Area performance and management’s plans for the future which bring with it the opportunity to then ask questions on behalf of members and to seek to influence those plans. Out with management’s agenda, you will also have the opportunity to raise items of concern for members on a number of topics, which effect the area as a whole. Consultation on change is often carried out at Area Council.

West Country Area Maintenance

These seats are similar to the ones above except that they cover the West Country area. We have two reps already in position within this Area Council.

Why me?

We are very keen to ensure that all of our members are adequately represented at every level of the Network Rail collective bargaining process because:

- Each level has a different responsibility that makes up the whole range of collective representation;
- It ensures that you can ask questions and make your voice heard with the decision makers at the right levels
- You are entitled to be represented – TSSA and its members over many years have fought hard for your representational rights - now we all need to make sure that they operate correctly in the interests of our members.

What support will I get?

You can count on support in your role as a staff rep. This comes in the form of:

- An extensive TSSA and TUC Training programme for which you have legal rights to time off work to attend
- Full Time TSSA Officers based in Bristol who are your immediate point of contact and who will provide mentoring and regular support meetings
- Full Time TSSA Officers located in London who deal with national Network Rail issues

How do I apply?

If you want any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at].

To put your name forward, all you have to do is complete the relevant form and return by no later than 28 February 2011. If more than 1 person is nominated for a position then we will arrange for elections to be carried out.

If you are interested in getting involved in TSSA in some other way e.g. becoming as Health & Safety rep, Union Learning rep, Pensions Champion or want to get more involved in your branch then please contact me].

NR Local Rep nomination form, Bands 1-4

NR Area Rep nomination form, Bands 1-4

NR Area Rep nomination form, Bands 5-8 and equivalent

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