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Transport unions launch united campaign for staff travel benefits

6 May 2016

Transport unions, Aslef, RMT and TSSA unite against the two tier system where some staff receive travel benefits and some don't.

In the statment signed by Mick Whelan of Aslef, Mick Cash of RMT and Manuel Cortes of TSSA the three General Secretaries reiterated their support for staff travel benefits across the board.

“We note that rail workers who entered employment in the railways before 1 April 1996 are safeguarded and eligible for the full range of protected rail travel facilities for themselves and their families.

We further note that nearly all those who entered the rail industry after 31 March 1996 are either not entitled to free travel at all or only restricted facilities on an individual company basis if they work for a passenger train operating company.

Travel facilities are clearly an important benefit and we are concerned that despite representations by our unions the employers and government have allowed a damaging two tier system to develop amongst UK rail workers.

Furthermore it is the case that rail workers from other countries such as Spain or France are entitled to free travel across the UK rail network yet a British rail worker employed after 1996 is not. We believe that all rail workers and their families, irrespective of service, should receive equal, free and improved travel facilities which may be multi-modal.

We call on the government, devolved transport authorities and rail companies to ensure the introduction of a more equal and improved system of travel facilities provision forthwith.”

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