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Station Services Re-Organisation

7 August 2013

London Midland: Station Services Management Re-Organisation The first consultation meeting has today taken place regarding changes to the Station Services. Your staff reps attended a meeting with management, whereby we were presented with a précis document which Brenda Lawrence took us through to explain the main changes.

The Company’s intention is to reorganise the current structure to reflect future business needs and deliver a new leadership structure. London Midland has assured us that there will be no compulsory redundancies from this re-organisation.

The main elements of the précis are:

· Three new retail manager roles (PM2D)

· Change of areas for some CSM’s

· Removal of posts, including 3 Supervisors

· Filling vacancies within the new structure

The consultation will be in two parts, one for management staff, and one for supervisory and other non-managerial roles. TSSA will be party to both.

Your staff reps, Pete Rose and Tony Martin have copies of the précis document and will be speaking to members concerned over the next week or so. If you have any questions, please speak to Pete or Tony in the first instance.

Ex-Silverlink management members do not have a staff rep, so it is really important that a member comes forward from the ex-Silverlink area to be co-opted onto this consultation, this will ensure the views of those members can be fully represented.

The next meeting is scheduled for 19th August. There are new job descriptions which we will be discussing at this next meeting, so we need your input into these before we meet with management.

If you require any additional information on this circular please contact your staff reps. Please speak to your colleagues about this circular and encourage them to join, the more members we have the stronger we are in the workplace. If any one wants to become a member please call the membership hotline on 020 7529 8018 or join on-line at <

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