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Station Staff Harmonisation Phase 2

8 March 2013

Update on recent discussions with First Great Western regarding Harmonisation.


As previously advised we recently sought to resolve a number of Station Staff issues at an avoidance of disputes level. YOUR REPS told the Company in no uncertain terms that in order to avoid a dispute they needed to provide a fully costed proposal for recommendation to you by 28 February 2013.
Despite a series of long and protracted discussions over several weeks the Company didn’t fulfil our demand instead producing a proposal which is not costed and therefore is not a document that we can share with you at this moment in time.


In addition the Company has been very clever and has sought to resolve a number of the avoidance of disputes issues by including them in the Harmonisation proposal as outlined below:

  1. Cross cover
  2. Zero hours contracts
  3. Agency cover
  4. New technology payments
  5. Station security

Next steps

TSSA has written to the Company to confirm that we are willing to resume discussions until midday on 13 March 2013.
If the Company doesn’t resume talks and or these do not result in a suitable proposal we intend to issue a referendum ballot to gauge the views of the affected stations staff members regarding taking some form of industrial action. If the results of the ballot are positive we may consider proceeding to an industrial action ballot and will notify the Company accordingly.

Show the Company that you are no longer willing to put up with their procrastination and disrespect! It is grossly unjust for the Company to expect people to do the same work (if not more) on less money than some of their colleagues.

We remain committed to securing fairness and equality for all in a climate of uncertainty and threats to the Railway Industry in the guise of McNulty and the franchising system.

We are aware that the RMT who share recognition rights for the Stations Staff grades may be planning to adopt a different approach. If you have any comments and or concerns about our proposed strategy please let YOUR REPS know as soon as possible.

Let’s show the Company that we are not prepared to put up with their divide and conquer approach and show them that TSSA is a strong collective voice which listens to the interests of all of their members. Ensure that you approach YOUR REP and tell them what you think about this latest development. Talk also to your colleagues about the importance of being in TSSA and consider filling a vacant reps seat.

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