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Stations Staff Pay and Harmonisation

8 February 2011

Since my last circular there have been several developments on this issue that members need to be aware of and that result from a further meeting with the company on 1 February 2011.


The ballot over the original Station Staff proposal closed at 12 noon, 2 February 2011 with the following results:

50% of members participating in the ballot voted to accept the company’s original proposals

50% of members of members participating in the ballot voted to reject the company’s original proposals

Overall, 51% of TSSA members within station grades participated in the ballot and there were no spoilt ballot papers.

It is unusual to have such a specific split in the vote but is clear that members were not convinced that it was the best deal for them and I would like to thank all those that took part for expressing their opinions in this ballot.

Further Meeting

At the meeting on 1 February the trade unions raised issues around the base pay offer and in particular the second year, which was felt to be lower than other grades, a point raised by both unions at previous meetings .

The RMT also had issues with the proposals around train dispatch and the fact that the proposals consisted of several documents and weren’t collated into one set of proposals.


In the end, the company offered a revised deal although they didn’t amend their proposals on Train dispatch but did offer a revised 3 year pay offer.

- Year 1 = Basic rate increase of 3.7% + 0.25% (brought forward from year 2) effective from 01/07/2010 (equalling 3.95%).

- Year 2:= Basic rate increase of RPI or 3.75% which ever the greater, less the cost of the harmonisation elements of 0.45% effective from 01/07/2011

- Year 3 = Basic rate increase of RPI or 4.0% which ever the greater, less the cost of the harmonisation elements of 0.45% effective from 01/07/2012

TSSA raised the fact that those red circled as a result of the proposals could potentially have to wait a further year to receive any form of pay rise as a result of the 3 year deal. The company advised that around a third of those red circled will be on the same wages as others within their grade by year 2.

The company was not prepared to offer any further discretionary payments for this group. However, the company did amend their offer for those red circled to receive overtime payments based on their actual basic salary rather than the new rate for the grade, which was not proposed in the original offer.

The fact that this offer is now for a 3 year period has also meant that the proposals on page 3 bullet point 12 have been changed to a 3 year period rather than 2. This section gives clear assurances around the company’s intentions for customer service roles.

The full proposals are available here

What Next?

As the offer has significantly changed by adding an extra year to the pay offer TSSA needs to run a fresh ballot to gauge your opinion, especially in light of the outcome of the previous ballot. The result showed how every vote counts and your vote could change the way TSSA responds to the company.

Whilst a 51% turn out is a healthy return for any form of election or voting process I hope that more of you will vote in the following ballot as it would be good to have a lead from 100% of our members.

Having discussed the proposals with the TSSA Company council reps they are supportive of the offer and recommend that you Vote Yes because:

- The cost of the harmonisation will now be spilt over Years 2 and 3

- There is certainty that members not red circled will receive at least 3.55% in year 3, when current projections for RPI in May 2012 are lower than this.

- There have been further concessions made for red circled staff regarding overtime rates that they will receive.

The ballot will close in around 3 weeks time on 28 February 2011 so make sure you get your ballot paper in and Vote Yes to accept the offer.

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