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Stations Staff Pay and Harmonisation

13 January 2011

Members were previously advised that we opened up a referendum ballot on the proposed Pay & Harmonisation for Station grades within Arriva Trains Wales. This is an update on the situation.


As you will know the ballot ran over the festive period and was due to close on 12 January 2011. I was away over the festive period and that is why I decided to have the ballot close the week after my return to ensure a long enough period to receive responses and also to be able to take on board any points raised from members on my return.

On my return I have had some reports of members not having received ballot papers, others that indicate specific issues with the proposals.
TSSA is a democratic union and at it’s heart striving to protect members in the workplace, listen to their views and ensure that these views are taken on board when we negotiate with the companies that you work for. Due to this the decisions that we make are taken on the basis of membership & representative feedback and whilst we may make recommendations to members as to how they might vote at the end of the day we are led by you the members.

Extension of ballot deadline

As a result of the feedback received I have taken the decision to extend the deadline for our ballot to 2 February 2011.

Not everyone who was sent a ballot paper has returned it and so to make our ballot truly representative we need all members eligible to vote and take part. If you haven’t done so already then fill in and return your ballot form today.

Tell us what you want and we will act on the majority decided by TSSA members.

If you haven’t received a ballot form then contact the TSSA helpdesk and they will send you a copy out in the post, if you’ve changed address recently then please update your record before requesting a new form. You can contact the helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or]

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