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Stations Staff Pay and Harmonisation

15 December 2010

Since I last wrote to you regarding Station staff pay and harmonisation, the company has presented us with their final offer. This has now been reviewed by TSSA and we want you to have access to the full proposals.

Outline of the proposal

Throughout the 2010 pay talks we have also been negotiating around station staff harmonisation and merging the current 48 grades into 4. The company made it clear at the outset that harmonisation would need to be cost neutral and that if there was an overall cost it would need to be deducted from any pay award granted as a result of the 2010 pay negotiations.

Under the harmonisation proposals the majority of allowances and expenses will be removed. The money the company saves from allowances along with some organisational changes outlined in their proposals will help to pay for the increases in basic pay for the 4 new grades. Although overall there is still a cost equivalent to 0.9% of any pay award which is to be deducted from the 2 year pay award offer.
The majority will see their basic pay increase, which means that pensionable pay will increase as well. There will be no change to the percentage of your basic pay that will be pensionable i.e. if you currently have 100% pensionable pay then despite the increase to basic pay it will continue to be 100% Pensionable. It’s worth remembering that any increase in basic pay will increase the contributions that you need to make into the pension fund.

In terms of the pay offer for stations grades for 2010 the offer is for:
Year 1 = Basic rate increase of 3.7% + 0.25% (3.95%) effective from 01.07.2010
Year 2 = Basic rate increase of RPI or 3% which ever the greater less the cost of the harmonisation elements of 0.9% effective from 01.07.2011

For Station staff, (excluding those currently red-circled with individual arrangements which will continue), whose salary will be above the new rates for the job, will be awarded a one-off discretionary payment of 3.7% of their basic salary (salary as at 30 June 2010) which will be made on implementation of the agreement. Their rate, as it is above the rate for the role, will be red-circled, in other words, the rate will remain the same until the new rate of the job catches up with it.

New Pay Bands

There will be 4 new pay bands linked to the new grading structure, these rates are based on a 35-hour working week with the next review being 1 July 2012. All station staff will be harmonised to a 35-hour working week. Assuming the proposals go through the pay banding scales will be as follows:

| Grade | New Salary | Salary with Year 1 Pay award (effective 1.07.10) | Salary with Year 2 Pay award (effective 1.7.2011*) |
| G1 | 16,500 |17,151 | 17,511 |
| G2 | 18,400 | 19,126 | 19,527 |
| G3 | 20,570 | 21,382 | 21,831 |
| G4 | 22,627 | 23,520 | 24,013 |
*Shown based on a 3% increase less cost of harmonisation (total = 2.1%)

To find out which grade the company propose you to move into there is an appendix B to the agreement which shows which jobs will be in which grade which you can see on our web site at:
The company has proposed new job descriptions for each grade, which you can also find on our web site:

G1 =

G2 =

G2 Safety Critical =

G3 =

G4 =

Full proposals

TSSA reps have worked hard to get the most out of the deal for members. Whilst we have pushed to increase the pay offer and to persuade the company to cover the excess cost of harmonisation themselves they have said that this is their final offer.

After considering how far we have come the reps feel that this is probably the best offer that we can achieve and are recommending acceptance of the deal. The fact that the deal increases basic pay for the majority means that pensionable pay will also increase and you will have more certainty in terms of the pay that you receive. For those that will be ring fenced as a result of this process we managed to get the company to agree to paying a one off payment for the first year which they weren’t originally proposing.

You can access the full proposals on our web site at:

We will now be sending out referendum ballot paper papers to you at home, as this ballot will be held over the festive period, you will have until 12 noon 12 January 2011 for the ballot paper to be received. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with all the proposals and ensure that you vote so that you have a say in these important changes.

If you have any queries or can’t access the proposals online then please either speak to the relevant company council representative Ken Evans or Janet William’s or contact myself at or 07775912829. I will be on annual leave for the majority of the festive period but will try and answer any queries after my return from annual leave on 5 January 2011.

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