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Steel nationalisation now a no-brainer

1 April 2016

TSSA is calling on the government to act decisively and bring Britain's Tata steel plants into immediate public ownership

"The Tories are treating nationalisation like it's a politically incorrect swear word when it is the only course of action currently available to us," said TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes.

"Expansion of the railways is already in the pipeline with HS2 and Crossrail and Crossrail 2 projects just three customers who should be procuring British steel as rail unions want, not just because it's the right thing to do by our own economy and our own workforce, but because British made rail track is recognised to be the safest track in the world. We should be building with nothing less.

"The Tories love to tell us that nationalisation doesn't work but their obsession with leaving it to the market is now looking like a severe compulsive disorder and it's killing the British economy.

"Publicly supported steel industries combined with public ownership of rail are foundation blocks of the economies of Germany, France Italy, and Japan. It's time Britain's economy was given parity. It's time British taxpayers, British passengers and British workers were given a fairer deal by Tory governments.

"Nationalisation isn't a swear word. 70pc of the UK's rail passengers already think it's the only way to improve the railways's and are completely comfortable with Jeremy Corbyn's vision for a People's Railway.

"And nationalisation is now the no-brainer way not just to save jobs, but begin the rebalancing of the British economy enabling us to power not just the North but the rest of our nation as well as keeping the means of building our own nation's future in our own hands."  

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