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Stop cuts to London's taxi licensing

13 December 2011

Sign the petition: We won the campaign to stop Transport for London privatising taxi licensing, but the threat remains that there will be cuts to jobs and services.

TfL now intends to review the taxi driver licensing and compliance functions to establish how they can be better delivered in house.

In our experience, a review of staff means cuts to jobs – and any cuts to TPH staff will have the same effect as the cuts scheduled to take place under privatisation.

For TPH this will impact on the number and quality of licensing inspections and investigations that can take place with all of the consequences in terms of unlicensed drivers potentially evading scrutiny that will then go on to undermine public safety.

TfL also appears not to have completely lifted the threat of privatisation as a future option if it is unable to secure productivity gains.

This threat misses the central point that any change that occurs has to be focused on how public safety is improved and not simply on how cheaply TfL can run the department.

TfL plans to announce the outcome of its review in a revised paper at its Surface Board Approvals meeting on 14th January 2012.

Join with us today and sign our petition:

  •  opposing any job cuts that will cut public safety
  •  demanding more staff to carry out licensing inspections and investigations
  •  calling for better investment to enhance the Safer Travel at Night scheme

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