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Stop the Gravy Train - Cortes

22 February 2019

The punctuality of trains is continuing to worsen, according to new figures released by the Office of Rail and Road. Almost 1 in 20 trains were cancelled or 'significantly late' – which means between 30 and 119 minutes behind time at the final destination.

The latest statistics cover the third quarter of 2018-19, October to December. Reliability has also fallen back.

Responding, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said:

"Failing Grayling's record of calamities knows no end. Britain had a growing railway with an ambitious expansion plan until his Midas in reverse touch was unleashed.

"Last year passenger numbers fell because fare hikes are putting travel by train beyond the reach of millions of our citizens. That fact is accompanied by another: that private train operators paid dividends of £200 million to their shareholders.

"This isn’t a rail business plan. This is a gravy train. Passengers know it. Our members know it. And we all want it stopped to and our railways brought back into public ownership with the surplus used to lower fares rather than generating profits for privateers."

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