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Strike action back on the cards at ScotRail as union warns overstretched CCTV department puts passengers at risk

7 March 2018

Strike action is back on the cards for struggling ScotRail after the TSSA raised concerns of major security breaches across the network in a dispute over the CCTV department.

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes, said, “Six months ago ScotRail proposed cutting nearly a third of their CCTV deparment – creating an unacceptable level of risk for Scotland’s rail users. Our members rightly fought back against that, but we had to ballot our members for strike to bring them to the negotiating table. Now we’re back to square one as the Company doesn't appear to care that passenger safety will be compromised'.

“The last six months have seen ScotRail attempt to force a nightshift on an already overstretched workforce – without any extra staffing at all. That means each shift will have fewer people carrying out the same amount of work! That is a real risk to passenger safety – fewer staff on shift means a greater risk that a live incident gets missed. Whether it’s a mugging on an unstaffed station, a suspect package at Glasgow Central or a vulnerable passenger – these incidents take place during the day. We need more staff on the cameras then, not less!

“What’s more there simply isn’t a business case for the nightshifts. ScotRail don’t need a 24/7 CCTV operation as trains don't run through the night. The cameras will be watching empty stations whilst making cuts to operators when stations are jam-packed. This is an unnecessary risk to passenger safety.

“Many of our members chose to work in the CCTV department precisely because it doesn’t require night shifts. Working parents in the department could find themselves having to miss out on family time purely to watch an empty screen.

“To add insult to injury ScotRail are offering a mere £30 a week extra in shift allowance for wrecking our members’ personal lives. Our members have been more than reasonable in negotiations, having already agreed to accept a Sunday shift which they never had before but this nightshift is unnecessary and unacceptable. We tried negotiations but failed to get a reasonable response and for the last month ScotRail has refused even to talk to us.

“Our members are resolute and determined. Unless ScotRail come back to us with a reasonable offer that takes away the prospect of nightshifts strikes loom”

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