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Strike action looms as TSSA rejects Bus √Čireann boss's fake news

22 March 2017

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes has lambasted a letter sent out to all Bus √Čireann staff this afternoon from the company's Acting Chief Executive, Ray Hernan as "fake news".

Said Cortes, "Ray Hernan's letter to staff is not just misleading it is fake news. He is just making it up as he goes along and frankly, making a bad situation far worse. Sending out untruths - lies as we used to call them - to our members is a lowly, contemptible way to treat a workforce who are clearly anxious and unsettled by the problems at Bus Éireann.

"The truth is TSSA is quite prepared to sit down with Bus Éireann to try and find a solution to the problems facing the company. The truth is that management, not workers, have driven Bus Éireann to the financial cliff edge with their bad decision making processes. The truth is that Bus Éireann's workers should not be made to bear the brunt for bad management practices. The truth is that last week Ray Hernam put Voluntary Severance packages on the table before quickly withdrawing them. The truth is that any good industrial relations policy - infact any half decent boss - begins the search for job cuts by seeking for volunteers to leave the company. The truth is that Bus Éireann even managed to screw up their offer of Voluntary Severance.

"My members and I are angered by Hernan's management tactics. But TSSA remains ready willing and available to talk to him and his management representatives with all reasonable options on the table. But I warn Hernan now that our union will never let him get away with imposing unilateral changes or a vindictive cull onto our members. We negotiate. That's how grown-ups do industrial relations. We are now consulting our reps as a matter of urgency on the steps to take in the wake of his letter but the truth Hernam must now be made to see is that his only choice now is between talks or all out strike action if he carries out his threats. If it's the latter, then, on his head be it!"

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