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STUC Black Workers’ Conference

7 April 2011

Notification has been received that the above conference will be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2011 in the STUC Centre, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow.

Branches are therefore invited to submit nominations for up to three delegates on the attached form (at least one of whom must be a woman). Nominations must reach this office no later than Friday 27th May 2011. The Association is entitled to submit two motions of not more than 300 words to this Conference. If you would like to submit a motion please do so by e-mail if possible by Friday 14th May 2011.

If possible, the candidate should sign the acceptance of nomination on the form. Where this is not possible, the written consent of the nominee should be received at Head Office no later than the closing date for receipt of nominations.

It should be made clear to nominees that such acceptance implies that if elected as a TSSA delegate, he/she will act in line with Association policy, i.e. in accordance with Annual Conference decisions or, in the absence of such decisions, in accordance with the decisions of the Executive Committee or, in the last resort, and in the absence of guidance from the Executive Committee, in accordance with the judgement of the delegates as to Association policy. In this latter respect, delegates will be able to call on the advice of the Executive Committee appointee. TSSA will meet the cost of loss of pay incurred by lay delegates. We will also meet any reasonable childcare costs and overnight accommodation costs necessarily incurred.

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