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Sturgeon should demand "Scrooge" Trump honours rail travel rights of Turnberrry pensioner

12 July 2018

TSSA is demanding US President Donald Trump pay up on an outstanding debt to a former Scottish hotel worker before being allowed to land in Scotland.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes says First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should tell Trump to stay away until he’s given back his retired Turnberry hotel worker’s free travel pass.

The TSSA pensioner had his retirement travel rights abolished last year when Trump took over the keys of the golf resort. There were just two pensioners left eligible at the time. Both were guaranteed hotel workers who had begun their service under the pre 1997 British Rail regime.

Said Cortes, “The Turnberry hotel was built in 1906 as a Railway hotel and sold into the private sector mid-century. Workers at the time kept their British Rail rights, including a travel pass granting them upon retirement four free journeys a year and discounted rail travel the rest of the time. Last year our member, Alistair Sutherland, was told Trump wouldn’t be funding his travel pass anymore.

“This is nothing more than an exercise of Trump’s greed. Altogether the pass was worth about £1000 a year to Alistair – peanuts to Trump, and less than the cost of a night’s stay in his New York hotel. But this is a very significant amount for a retired working class Scottish man wanting to visit his family down south.

“Alistair worked his whole life for the Turnberry hotel. But Scrooge Trump doesn’t value things like loyalty or good character unless he’s making a profit from it.

“Alistair’s travel pass isn’t a “freebie”; it was part of his pay and benefits for dedicating his working life to the Turnberry hotel, just like his pension. But it’s no surprise that a man who boasted about fiddling his taxes isn’t interested in honouring his commitments to his workers.

“Nicola Sturgeon should tell Scrooge Trump he’s not welcome in Scotland. She should stand up for poor working class Scots who have been robbed by this buffoon billionaire. Nicola should demand that Trump coughs up!”


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