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Support for Pay Bargaining at Tube Lines

22 August 2011

TSSA's campaign to gain collective bargaining rights for Tube Lines staff on PRP contracts is continuing apace, with more than 50% of staff already giving their support.

Support for pay bargaining: 50% and beyond

TSSA’s campaign to gain collective pay bargaining rights for Tube Lines staff on PRP contracts is continuing apace. You may have seen TSSA reps and activists outside Westferry Circus and Trackside House, Stratford over the last few weeks, talking to staff and handing out pledge cards.

The feedback that we have had at these times – from members and non-members alike – has been overwhelmingly positive and in support of the recognition campaign. This support is further demonstrated by the incredibly good news that we have exceeded the important 50% + 1 mark: that is, over half of the staff on PRP in Tube Lines have given their support to pay bargaining by joining TSSA or by signing the petition or pledge cards.

The RMT is fully in support of pay recognition for all staff, and has given their backing to our campaign. The figures given above do not include the majority of RMT members on PRP contracts, meaning that support for pay bargaining rights is even greater. TSSA officers will be meeting with RMT shortly to discuss how we can best move forward to achieve recognition for staff on PRP.


This is a real achievement and is down to the hard work of both TSSA reps and members. We are now about to start preparing the CAC application and will again approach Tube Lines to ask them to discuss recognition with us.

However, it is vital that we are not complacent. To really win this campaign, and to engage Tube Lines in meaningful negotiations on pay and conditions for staff on PRP contracts, we need an overwhelming majority of staff on PRP to demonstrate support for union recognition.

Research clearly shows that trade union recognition makes a real difference to terms and conditions. We can see that clearly in Transport for London: staff on similar salaries and performing equivalent roles at TfL, which wholly owns Tube Lines, have their pay negotiated by the union. Over the last three years they have received pay rises of 0.5%, 4.2% and 6%, equivalent to RPI + 1.5%. This compares to 0% in Tube Lines.

What can you do?

  • If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition online or sign a pledge card.

  • Speak to all of your colleagues at work and encourage them to sign the online petition or a pledge card. These are signed in confidence, and details of those staff signing will not be shared with Tube Lines.

  • Encourage colleagues to join TSSA: this is a great time to join us, as we look forward to winning crucial pay negotiating rights. Joining TSSA will mean being consulted on your pay and conditions, having your voice heard at the negotiating table, and having a vote to accept or reject what Tube Lines offers.

To sign the online confidential petition, go to:

Staff on PRP can sign by going to the link above. Once they have signed the petition online they will receive a confirmation email to which you must respond. This is a security measure to ensure that they have signed the petition. Their details will be confidential and shared only with the statutory recognition body, not with Tube Lines.

To sign a pledge card:

Local TSSA reps have copies of the pledge card, and an electronic copy is also attached. They are also available from Mel Taylor, TSSA Organiser, by calling 0773 819 5127. Members and Non-members need simply to fill out, sign and return the pledge card to your local rep or to TSSA at the following FREEPOST address:


Walkden House

10 Melton Street



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