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TSSA Welcomes TD Support for Striking Bus Workers

19 September 2016

Responding to news that Independent Alliance TD, Finian McGrath, says Dublin's striking bus workers have a "genuine case," TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"We welcome this eventual show of support from Finian for wage justice for bus workers. But we're not thanking him for it. Bus workers haven't had a pay rise since 2008 so for us, this isn't about whether a case is genuine it's about the right of Ireland's public workers, in this case Dublin's bus workers, to be treated fairly.

We don't need Finian taking to the airwaves and playing to the public gallery. We've got the hearts and minds of Dublin's passengers because, like the bus workers, most passengers are sick of the damage austerity has done by a government who won't pay a fair days pay to public workers but who supports Apple avoiding to pay €13 billion in taxes.

"If Finian believes what he says he needs now to get on the phone to his very Minister for Transport, Ross Shane and Taoiseach Kenny himself and tell them the number's up on their Ministry of Miser's "government is not opening the chequebook" strategy.

"Dublin Bus workers deserve a fair days pay for a fair days work. So do all Ireland's workers. We have two days strikes scheduled again next week. There are 11 more strike days scheduled for October. Bus workers are't militant, their just fed-up with being broke all the time.

"So we're keen to get back to the table and settle this fairly and quickly, we just need the company and Finian, your government to bring us a new deal."



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