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Support London Underground colleagues fighting for jobs, services and safety!

8 November 2010

TSSA members in London Underground (LU) taking industrial action to defend their jobs and London’s tube services urgently need the solidarity, support and assistance of their TSSA colleagues up and down the country.

Successful 24 hour strikes took place on 2/3 November and 28/29 November 2010.

LU members are refusing to be passive victims in the face of LU’s job cuts. But to defend these jobs requires the help of members across TSSA showing solidarity with their LU colleagues.

Letter from Manual Cortes, Assistant General Secretary.

So how can TSSA colleagues help?

-# Members can find out what the dispute is about, and help counter misinformation from LUL, TfL and anti-union elements
of the media by getting the real facts out. Use, copy and circulate the factsheet, and look out for updates on this website.
-# London area members can show solidarity with LU colleagues by joining them on picket lines – details will be posted on
this website. Members from outside the London area are welcome too – use your travel facilities if you have them!
-# Christmas is coming soon, and members have already lost three days pay as a result of previous strikes, and many have
lost much more as a result of the overtime ban. Branches, Divisional Councils, reps committees and individuals can
arrange collections, and make donations to the Hardship Fund. Donations can be paid directly into the TSSA Support
Fund, Unity Trust Bank account number 20253219, sort code 08-60-01.
-# Branches, Divisional Councils, reps committees and individuals can send messages of support. These can be sent by
email to:], or by post to John Page, National Organiser, Walkden House, 10 Melton Street,
London NW1 2EJ
-# Branches can raise the dispute in trades councils, and with local trade union and Labour Party colleagues, asking them
for donations and messages of support. Colleagues in London can seek support for the setting up of groups to launch a
community based campaign to defend public transport.
-# Members in London can write to their MPs, GLA members and local councillors about LU’s cuts.
-# Members (including members outside of London) can volunteer to assist in a number of other activities in support of the
dispute; please contact Thirza White at], or phone the TSSA Helpdesk.
-# Members can sign the on-line petition at: and ensure that this
is circulated to colleagues, friends, contacts, indeed anyone who may be interested in showing their support!
-# Members can circulate the link to TSSA’s on-line survey of Underground users: to
anyone who may complete it. Members who use LU, even if they don’t live in London, can do so.
-# Members can follow the dispute on Twitter:

LU’s cuts are a direct result of the political and economic climate in which the government has committed to rapidly reduce the ‘deficit’. This financial crisis was caused primarily by toxic loans arising from irrational speculation by the banks. Workers are not to blame, and shouldn’t have to pay for the crisis with their jobs.

There is massive public support for the proper funding of public transport. No one wants to pay extortionate fares for a second rate service.TSSA and RMT members’ jobs are needed to run a safe and efficient tube service. There is no operational justification for these cuts, merely the hope that money currently used to run the tube can be diverted to paying off the deficit.

This ‘slash and burn’ approach to public services has been adopted in Ireland and Greece, and has led to a catastrophic collapse in their economies. An alternative exists: the debt can be paid off over a long period of time (just like a household mortgage). The TUC’s critique of the government’s cuts can be found on the TUC website at:

As the government’s cutbacks in public spending begin to bite hard, TSSA members working in train operating companies are likely to face cuts in jobs and services similar to those now being fought by tube workers. This is likely to be the same for those employed by other railway companies.

TSSA members must be united in their opposition to the cuts, and refuse to be picked off one by one.

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