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Support the 30th November action on pensions

28 November 2011

Pensions Justice


TSSA members in Northern Ireland will be striking this Wednesday as part of the 30th November Day of Action on Pensions, but the union encourages members across the UK to support those out on strike.

Wherever you work, you can:

TSSA members taking action on Wednesday are encourage to attend the events listed both in Belfast and also across Northern Ireland.

Wherever you are, you can download the official song of the protests via iTunes, Amazon and other leading online outlets. The Workers are 14-strong and include a firefighter, probation officers, a teacher, civil servant, social worker, student support officer and health service staff including a nurse, midwives, a physiotherapist and a clinical engineer. A major part of the sale price, equivalent to about 40p out of the 99p cost in most outlets, will be donated by the TUC to Age UK to show support for today’s pensioners.

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