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Survey Figures Reveal 'Truly Awful' Situation On Railways - Cortes 

28 January 2020

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has hit out at the "truly awful" private rail companies running Britain's railways after figures from Transport Focus revealed what the independent watchdog described as the 'dire performance' of those running 'unreliable trains'. 

Results of the latest National Rail Passenger Survey of 28,000 people from Transport Focus  show those using services in many areas face ‘unacceptable continued disruption and uncomfortable journeys’. 

Most dissatisfied and worst hit were commuters using Northern, West Midlands Trains, South Western Railway and TransPennine Express. 

Manuel Cortes said: “Yet again we see the truly awful situation too many rail passengers face on a daily basis. Commuters have been failed time and again by private companies who are succeeding only in making money for shareholders. 

“This is a triple whammy for the travelling public - they are fleeced by franchising, discouraged by disruption and exploited by the most expensive railways in Europe. 

“We know that Northern and others are teetering on the edge, either financially unsound or unable to offer anything close to decent services. This Tory Government must wake up to the fact that people want real change. 

“We need railways run for the public by the public. Nothing less will sort out this mess.”

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