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Swindon passengers pay out over £9,000 a year

8 April 2015

Highest in the South to get to work

Long distance commuters from Swindon are spending over £9,000  to get to work in London, Labour candidate Anne Snelgrove told a fares protest rally today.

She said in many cases it meant they were spending over a third of average earings  -£26,500- to make their expensive daily journeys into the capital.

Speaking outside Swindon station at a joint rally with the TSSA rail union, she said, "When former Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said back in 2011 the railways were now a rich man's toy, everyone thought he was joking. Well no one is laughing now, especially here in Swindon.

"Independent research by fares expert Barry Doe shows Swindon is the most expensive commuter seat in the South East, a yearly ticket plus parking comes to £9,252, a sum of money which would fund a £200,000 mortgage.

"A Labour government will end this rip off  by imposing a fares cap and allowing a public competitor to challenge the private firms which have increased fares on the most popular routes by over 200% since rail was sold off by the Tories twenty years ago.

The most expensive annual season ticket is from Swindon to London, £8,200, plus annual parking ticket, £1052,(Total £9,252), followed by Great Yarmouth to London, £7,668, plus annual  parking ticket, £546(Total £8214) and then Peterborough to London, £7,276, plus annual parking ticket, £1,222(£8,498), said fares expert Barry Doe who carried out the research for the TSSA rail union

The Cost To Southern Commuters of the Great Rail Sell Off
The Squeeze on Household Budgets

Constituency   1995 2015 Increase
Swindon Annual ticket £4,250 £8,200 93%
  Peak return £40 £ 124 210%
Great Yarmouth Annual ticket £4,920 £7,668 56%
  Peak return £56 £109.70 96%
Peterborough Annual ticket £3,896 £7,296 87%
  Peak return £ 39 £ 100 156%
Reading Annual ticket £2376 £4188 76%
  Peak return £18.60 £44.30 138%
Ipswich Annual ticket £3280 £6148 87%
  Peak return £33 £76.70 132%

* Peak time fares between Paddington and Bristol have increased by 246% since rail was privatised 20 years ago. Tim O'Toole, First Group chief executive, earned £1.99 million last year, making him the second highest rail boss after Martin Griffiths who was paid £2.2 million at Stagecoach.


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