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Swindon & Chippenham: Members consultation meeting January

11 January 2013

Call for TSSA members in Swindon to attend Consultation meeting on how you want to engage with TSSA. Wednesday 30 January 2013 drop in anytime between 12:30-14:30, lunch provided


Update from December meeting

Thanks to those members who attended the meeting in Swindon on 12 December 2012, there were TSSA members from First Great Western, WS Atkins and URS- Scott Wilson in attendance.

There seemed to be support from those in attendance that holding meetings centred on a local area rather than a larger geography but company specific made more sense and would be easier for members to attend.

There was a general consensus for holding meetings every 6 weeks over a lunchtime within Western house but that it should be made clear that members could drop in and that they didn’t need to give up the whole 2 hours unless they were able to. It was also suggested that as some shifts end at 14:00 that the window of time be moved to end at 14:30.

Unfortunately there was no-one from Network rail in attendance and there were less people than had been hoped for in attendance but this was probably due to the festive period so those in attendance requested that 1 more meeting be scheduled for 30 January 2013 in advance of the South Wales and Western Divisional council meeting. It was felt that if more members were in attendance and consensus achieved that this would make it easier for the Divisional council and Executive Committee to agree to the forming of a Swindon and Chippenham General Branch.

There was also a request for someone from the divisional council and if possible for the Executive committee member for South Wales and Western to be in attendance.

It was also decided that it would also be easier to gain support for the changes if members were to nominate themselves for Branch positions at the next meeting and as a minimum this would be Branch Chair, Correspondence secretary, Treasurer with the possibility of also selecting a branch Vice Chair and Branch Organisers.

Next Meeting

The meeting will be held at Western House in meeting room 5 with members able to drop in when free between 12:30-14:30 on Wednesday 30 January please let your representatives know if you are planning to attend so that we can provide enough food and ensure that any dietary requirements are met. If you intend to come or are interested in Helping at future meetings then please fill in the slip below and pass to your local representative. Those reps who have pledged to assist with organising the meeting are as follows:


Name of Rep/Contact

Email address

Minton Place

Tarnia Wilson (Amey)

Milford House

Jane Sallis (NWR)


Adrian Bridges (NWR)


Richard Makin (FGW)

Western House

Steve Hanif (FGW)


Sandra Cook (FGW)

If none of the contacts above apply then then please email


Pledge for TSSA Swindon members consultation meeting

Yes I will attend and encourage my colleagues to attend


Yes I will attend


No I can’t attend but I will encourage others to attend/assist with publicising the meeting/encourage colleagues to attend and complete a slip


Full Name:






Contact number:


Email address:


Dietary requirements


(Please complete this and hand it to your local rep as above or alternatively send the same information by email to by 23 January)

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