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Swindon & Chippenham: Members consultation meeting

3 December 2012

Call for TSSA members in Swindon to attend Consultation meeting on how you want to engage with TSSA. Wednesday 12 December 2012 12:00-14:00, lunch provided.


Branch Meetings

For some time in the Swindon & Chippenham area there has not been the ability for TSSA members to attend what are known as Branch meetings, as the various company organised Branches have not been able to function. Many unions including TSSA are organised with Branches operating on a local or company basis in order to represent and support member’s needs, provide the ability for cross fertilisation of ideas and ultimately provide a conduit for members to set TSSA’s agenda and policy via it’s annual conference. Without these meetings happening then you essentially don’t have a voice in directing how TSSA operates. Given that TSSA faces many challenges in the future this is an important time to ensure that position improves for Your benefit. One thing is for certain it can’t be improved upon without out your help to ensure that Swindon & Chippenham have a strong voice going forward.


Some initial discussions have happened with your workplace representatives and seem to indicate a support to have a structure that crosses companies and represents all members within Swindon and the surrounding area regardless of where they work. The purpose of the meeting on 12 December is to open a discussion on this topic but also give general feedback on what is happening in each of the companies where we have members along with updates from your Executive committee member and Full time officers. We want to hear what you think about these proposals and where and when you would want to meet should the proposals go ahead.

This initiative is also supported by the South Wales and Western Divisional council which within TSSA’s structure sits between the Executive committee and your local Branch and have a responsibility to ensure that Branches function in each area.

Your representatives will be talking to you about the meeting and seeking to encourage you to attend so please give them feedback on what you want to see happen within Swindon and pledge to attend.


The meeting will be held at Western House, 1 Holbrook Way, Swindon, SN1 1BD in meeting rooms 5 and 6 from 12:00-14:00 on Wednesday 12 December please let you representatives know if you are planning to attend so that we can provide enough food and ensure that any dietary requirements are met. If you intend to come or are interested in Helping at future meetings then please fill in the slip below and pass to your local representative. Those reps who have pledged to assist with organising the meeting are as follows:


Name of Rep/Contact

Email address

Minton Place

Tarnia Wilson (Amey)

Milford House

Jane Sallis (NWR)


Adrian Bridges (NWR)


Richard Makin (FGW)

Western House

Steve Hanif (FGW)


Sandra Cook (FGW)

If none of the contacts above apply then then please email


Pledge for TSSA Swindon members consultation meeting

Yes I will attend and encourage my colleagues to attend


Yes I will attend


No I can’t attend but I will encourage others to attend/assist with publicising the meeting/encourage colleagues to attend and complete a slip


Full Name:






Contact number:


Email address:


Dietary requirements


(Please print and complete this last section and hand it to your local rep as above or alternatively send the same information by email to by 10 December)

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