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'Tackling racism' book launched

1 November 2011

Manjit Gill reports on the launch of a new TUC resource on tackling racism in the workplace


Tackling Racism

I RECENTLY ATTENDED the launch of the new 5th edition of the TUC’s ‘Tackling racism’ workbook.

The event was held on 22 September at South Birmingham College where Wilf Sullivan, the TUC’s Race Equality Officer, introduced the latest version of this essential resource.

This workbook is an amazing tool and contains a wide variety of topics including sections on Tackling Racism, Equality and Diversity, Discrimination and the Law, Building Equality Rights at Work and many more.

We were joined by 20 representatives from a variety of work backgrounds who listened about how to tackle institutional racism and promote race equality. The scale of the task is shocking: Wilf gave us figures showing that out of 4,500 racial discrimination cases which went to Tribunal last year, only 130 were successful – a 3% success rate!

Where we need to focus is winning collective bargaining agreements within our workplaces and to both tackle racism and to raise awareness of the need for all to join in the struggle against racism in the workplace.

Caroline Pilbeam, Secretary of Midland TOC Branch 727, who also attended, adds “This is a very well structured book that gives you a good insight into the problem of racism in the workplace. The event was an excellent reminder of the need to make sure everyone can feel comfortable where they work and the need to tackle any form of racism.”

The workbook, which can be ordered from the TUC (020 7636 4030) costs £10 and is a must for all workplaces!


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