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Tackling unfair and unequal pay in Network Rail

2 March 2012

Managers in Network Rail are being asked to complete a survey to identify possible equal pay claims - generally where women have been paid less than an appropriate male comparator, doing equal work.

Survey data collected last year showed how chaotic the current pay and grading system is, resulting in huge pay differences between people doing the same job, and women managers being paid on average £4,500 less than their male colleagues. TSSA is committed to securing fair and equal pay for all management grades working for Network Rail.

‘We’ve drawn up a long list of jobs where we believe the lack of equal pay is a major concern. We're now targeting staff in those jobs asking for further information to assess possible claims’ said campaign co-ordinator Jerry Wines. ‘From the responses so far, we know that pay rates can vary by tens of thousands of pounds. It’s incredible that Network Rail has allowed a situation to develop where one person can be paid nearly twice as much as a colleague doing the same job.’

The Equality Act 2010 gives women and men a right to equal pay for equal work, unless there are real reasons for any pay difference. Successful tribunal claims can result in a pay increase and back pay being awarded for up to six years. The data we have indicates this could be extremely expensive for Network Rail.

Four jobs are being targeted in the first phase; Commercial Manager, Performance & Assurance Engineer, Project Planner, and Scheme Project Manager. If you work in one of these roles and have not yet completed the survey, please contact Jerry Wines ( for further information.

Elly Baker, Senior Regional Organiser

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