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Take the Lead on Health and Safety

3 March 2011

A new structure for safety reps in Network Rail will shortly be up and running and will help your reps tackle the everyday threats to your safety and welfare.

Elections for area reps were carried out last year but we still have a significant number of vacancies to fill. Click here to see a breakdown of the vacancies and click here for a nomination form if you wish to stand. We also have many local safety reps, but still room for many more – nomination forms are available from our Members’ Helpdesk.

Lead Health and Safety Reps

To help support our existing reps and committees, and encourage new reps where there are gaps, it has been agreed with Network Rail that we need some reps on full time release. These reps will:
- Actively recruit and support Health and Safety Reps
- Help ensure that Safety Committees are up and running and resolving issues across the country
- Identify common safety concerns or issues of a national importance and work to solve them, including sitting on the National Safety Council
- Participate in the development of a consistent and effective approach to safety across Network Rail, in areas like training, inspections and investigations

TSSA have three positions to fill. To stand for one of these you must be a current area health and safety rep, or put in a nomination form to become an area safety rep by 18 March. If we get more than three nominations we will hold an election after this date for the area reps to vote. To ensure that we have coverage and understanding of different area in Network Rail, at least one of the three people must work in Maintenance and at least one from Operations and Customer Service. The three posts must also work together to cover the whole country, so some travelling will be involved. Click here for a form to express your interest in the role and return it to the address on the form by 18 March.

If you want to have a informal discussion about the role or more details about the duties then please contact me, Elly Baker, at Head Office.

We will be holding an information and training day for all those who wish to stand for election to these posts on 23 March. Network Rail will support release for this day so if you wish to stand please bear this day in mind.

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