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Take the Olympic Pledge

2 July 2012

The Olympic Games is the worldÂ’s largest sporting event. Around 10,500 athletes from more than 200 nations will compete in 26 different sports. Over the 16 days of competition it is expected that there will be approximately 7.9 million spectators.

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A further 4,000 athletes from around 150 countries will take part in 19 different sports during the Paralympic Games. During the 11 days of this event nearly 1.5 million spectators will need transport around London and the UK.

London 2012 has been heralded as a ‘public transport Games’. All ticketed spectators are expected to travel on public transport, to walk or cycle, or use park and ride services. Staff working for TfL, London Underground, Network Rail and train and bus operating companies will therefore play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the Games.

Many TSSA members have already been working hard to help prepare London’s public transport services for London 2012, and many more are now preparing to play a frontline role. Negotiations on Olympic pay deals have been taking place for over a year. We have reached agreements with many employers including Network Rail, London Underground and London Overground, but we have still to reach a settlement with Transport for London and Tube Lines. Both of these companies are expecting their staff to volunteer to work during the Olympics with little or no reward, whilst equivalent staff in LU and LOROL will receive a minimum payment of £500. This situation is clearly unjust.

We want the Games to be a success. We also want to ensure that our members, and all staff, get the recognition and support that they deserve during the Olympics and that, if there are problems, staff don’t get the blame for a lack of planning or organisation by employers.

TSSA is launching our Olympic Pledge campaign, which will celebrate the role of our members in delivering a ‘public transport Games’. The pledge asks TSSA members to make the following commitment to the travelling public: ‘Ask us if you need help or assistance. We pledge to do our best to help.’

In return, we will ask the public to treat staff working on public transport with dignity and respect. And more than that, we’re asking them to pledge their support for a properly funded and integrated public transport system; not just during the Olympics, but for the future.

We’re also challenging those employers who are failing to plan or to properly support their staff. The Employers’ Pledge will demand that our members receive fair financial reward, and that they are working in a safe environment, with proper training, and have the resources and support they will need to carry out challenging roles.

A key part of the Olympic Pledge campaign will be the launch of TSSA’s own phone app in mid-July. This will include a ‘Survival Guide’ to 2012, both for members and the public, as well as live updates and feeds on public transport in and around London. The app will give members and the public an opportunity to share pictures and comments with other users, and to sign up to the pledges. 7

If you want to know more, or want to get involved in our Olympic Pledge campaign, email: or call Mel Taylor, organiser, on 0773 819 5127.

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