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Talks today between TSSA and ScotRail Abellio to try resolve the longstanding dispute over CCTV staff have broken down

17 April 2018

TSSA will ask now Transport Minster Humza Yousaf to use his executive power to resolve the crisis at ScotRail which means rail workers may strike during Scottish Cup Final weekend starting on May.

General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, will use a scheduled meeting with Minister Yousaf at Holyrood tomorrow to ask him to assert his executive power to take charge of a dispute which is jeopardising rail safety.

Cortes also wants Yousaf to remove the threat of new, compulsory night shifts from all CCTV staff, many of whom are parents, who have no way of providing overnight child care and have never opted or wanted to work night shifts.

"If Humza doesn’t roll his sleeves up and start banging heads together at Abellio ScotRail to resolve the safety and the human well being aspects of this dispute, then our members will be left with no choice other than to strike during cup final weekend.

“Obviously this is an extreme course of action for our members and not one they will take lightly. But management's extreme brutality in cutting staff have stretched our specialist control members. And the decision to impose a compulsory night shift on all staff including those with young children, has added to the insult to injury. Our members will leave no stone unturned in their quest to maintain rail safety standards.

“Humza is no fool. He’ll get what’s going on at Abellio ScotRail and an intervention from him could resolve this issues without further ado.

“Let’s hope he does the right thing and opts to exercise his ministerial prerogative to ensure safety standards are maintained, good industrial relations prevail and our members children, have the right to be tucked into their beds, by their parents.

“Otherwise, sorry to say, there will be strikes across Cup Final weekend!"

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