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Iarnrod Eireann – Pay Talks Collapse Again

20 October 2017

Once again pay talks have broken down after what can only be described as the indifference of your CEO to your demands for a fair and reasonable pay settlement.

 TSSA along with the other trade unions were called back to the Workplace Relations Commission yesterday to attempt to resolve the outstanding pay claim and avoid any industrial action.


TSSA along with the other trade unions acting in good faith and under the auspices of the Workplace Relations Commission negotiated for over 12 hours in very difficult circumstances to try and achieve what we believed were credible proposals that we could then put to members for ballot.


Although difficult we believed we were making significant progress and under the expert guidance of the commission it was our view we were heading in the right direction.


However late last night and to our surprise we were told that the company was walking away from talks and they returned to a derisory offer of 1.75% with strings attached.


It can only be assumed that under instruction from your CEO and no doubt with the support of the Department of Transport the company position is to continue to deny you wage justice. It just is not good enough that after nearly 10 years without a pay rise in which time you took a hit to terms & conditions and take home pay that you continue to be treated with such disrespect.


The industrial action ballot will be counted later today and results announced shortly after.


We will be meeting with our sister trade unions later this afternoon to discuss the best way forward to continue the fight to achieve for you wage justice.

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